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How do you find a General Contractor you can trust?

So you want to build a new home, or make a large renovation to your existing one. Congratulations, this is an exciting time, but it can also be a nerve-wracking one. Who are you going to get to oversee the building construction? Who is going to make sure you are not being overcharged? Who is going to make sure that your house meets building codes and is of high quality? Well the answer to those questions are easy… you need a General Contractor (GC).

Talk about an honest face. Not every GC is as those at Kelly Custom Homes

What is the more troubling question, and a far harder one to answer is: How do you find a general contractor you can trust?

Sadly, there are some bad apples in every batch. Not every used car salesman is a crook, not every mechanic takes advantage of his customer’s lack of knowledge and certainly not every general contractor is out to overcharge you. However, you need to be prepared to separate the wheat from the chaff and find a GC that has your best interests at heart. To do this is not very hard.

What follows are three great resources for you to help find the right GC for your project. You should do all three.

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Welcome to Humble Beginnings

It all started back at the age of five when my father gave me my first hammer and a bucket of nails… from that point on it was a love of building.

Since opening the doors to my own construction company at the age of twenty, I have worked on hundreds of homes and commercial buildings. Taking on this trade was a pivotal moment in my life and boy was it the correct one! Over the past 20 years, my career in home building has been tremendously successful and enabled me to not only make a good living, but to help people from all walks of life have the home of their dreams.

So now I want to give something back. And this blog is it. In my career, I have found that knowledge is power, and my experience has shown that an educated customer is the best customer. But more often than not, most customers do not have the basic information they need to make sound decisions about building or buying a custom home. Just knowing the right questions to ask is critical. With this blog I hope to share with you, the unbiased, and unvarnished truth about home building.

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