When is the best time of year to remodel?

Many times I am asked by customers as to the best time of year to remodel. My answer is usually a simple one:

Whenever she wants you to.

All kidding aside (not really), the best answer I can give is “it depends”. And what I mean by that is it depends on the type of project, the part of the country you live in, and quite frankly your tolerance for mess, and sensitivity to the aromas of construction (not mine of course, but paint etc…)

Probably the largest factor has to do with the time of year. Certain projects lend themselves to certain seasons more than others. For the sake of this post, lets assume you have four real seasons, and live in the snow belt. Kelly Custom Homes is in CNY (Shameless plug) and we are used to working year round on new custom home construction even in the dead of winter. However renovations are another cup of joe.

Winter – Indoor projects prevail here. However, if you live in the snow belt like us, you might want to reconsider any major renovation. With cold air outside, ventilating the house can be a chilling exercise especially if your work is prone to have fumes, like painting, staining or refinishing floors. Plumbing and electrical projects are a safe bet. It is far better to use the winter to plan your projects and find a reputable contractor.

Spring – Let the “honey do” lists fly. Spring is the perfect time for most projects. Ventilation for indoor projects is plentiful, the ground is ripe for planting and contractors are looking for work. The only consideration would be one of convenience. A major kitchen re-do will make your kitchen unusable for many days on end. Perhaps timing major renovations such as this to coincide with a summer vacation is a better bet.

Summer – A great time for renovations. Landscaping would be better done in the spring however to take advantage of the spring growing season. If summers get hot where you live keep in mind that indoor projects that require ventilation will mean open windows, which means cold A/C will be flying out the windows, making your place hot and your wallet light. Projects requiring extended ventilation should be reserved for Spring and fall. All others are fair game and even better if you can take a vacation while your house gets its own extreme home makeover.

Fall – My favorite season to build. The air is cool but not cold. Roofs are not as hot and my suppliers are looking to get rid of summer stock which translates to savings for my customers. There is no downside to renovations in the fall. As long as the ground isn’t frozen and concrete can set, the world is your oyster. Contractors in anticipation of light winter months may also be more competitive in their pricing.

But most important of all is making sure the job is done right and not rushed. A day or two of inconvenience will be worth it in the end when you are sitting in your new sunroom during the winter.

And it will be all the more sweeter knowing that you got it done this past fall so all winter long you don’t hear comments like “wouldn’t it be nice if….”


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